Questionnaire for data collection

1. Contact address (person who provides information. This information will be treated confidentially)?

Could you please send a copy of your source of information to our office located at Sichuan Provincial people's hospital? (see Contact addresses)

4. Where and when is this human xenotransplantation practice taking place?

Do you have information about source animals?
Do you have information about testing of safety?
HepatocytesIslets of langerhansFetal islet like cell clustersPurkinje cellsNeural precursors cellsEmbryonic stem cellsMesenchymal stem cellsFetal sheep cells
SkinCardiac valves
LiverHeartKidneyPancreasLungSmall intestineCornea
Solid-organ xenotransplantation:
Cellular xenotransplantation:
Tissue xenotransplantation:
Human cells exposed to xenogeneic Feeder cell:
Extracorporeal perfusion:
Other bioartificial isolation device:
Do you have information about transplant recipients?