Questionnaire data

Liver| Pig | USA

Main Reference

1. Contact address(Person who provides information. This information will be treated confidentially)?

Title: MD, PhD

First Name: Abraham

Last Name: Shaked

Address: Hospital of the Univ. Of Pennsylvania, 2 Dulles, 3400 Spruce Street, Philadelphia

Zip: 19104

State: Pennsylvania PA

Country: USA

Institution: University of Pennsylvania



2. What is the source of your information about human xenotransplantation practices?

Press release

3. What is the therapeutic purpose of this xenotransplantation treatment?

End-stage liver disease

4. Where and when is this human xenotransplantation practice taking place?

Country: USA

Timing: 12-2023

5. Is this treatment part of a clinical trial?


6. How many patients are included in this clinical trial?


7. What are the inclusion criteria for patient selection?

i. Duration on the waiting list?

ii. Life-threatening diseases without alternative therapy?

iii. Is a protocol available?

8. What is the animal source of the xenotransplantation product?


9.Source Animals
Do you have information about source animals?


Source animals?
- Geographic origin?    
- Species?    
- Strain?    
- Where were the source animals kept?  
- Was it a closed facility?    

Genetic modification of source: transgenic source animals or knock-out source animals?
Other precautions: 
69-GE liver by eGenesis Inc. (EGEN-5784) and extracorporeal circulation device by OrganOx Ltd.

10. Testing of safety
Do you have information about testing of safety?


Can you give a list of microbial agents for which source animals have been tested?

11. What type of cells/tissues/organs was transplanted?



Organs: Liver


12.What type of exposure to xenogeneic cells was involved?

  • Solid-organ Xenotransplantation: No
  • Cellular Xenotransplantation: No
  • Tissue Xenotransplantation: No
  • Human cells exposed to xenogeneic Feeder cells: No
  • Extracorporeal perfusion: No
  • Encapsulation: No
  • Other bioartificial isolation device:
  • Others:

13. Transplant
Do you have information about transplant recipients?


For how long will they be taken?    
For how long will they be store?     
How often is the patient seen for follow-up       
How long are the patients followed?            72h 

14. Have results been presented at a scientific congress?


15. Have results been published in a scientific journal?

16. Is this human clinical trial performed with governmental and/or institutional oversight and supervision?


17. Was the trial approved by a public health authorities(ministry of health, governmental agency…)?


if yes, which?

18.Was the trial overseen by a public health authorities(ministry of health, governmental agency…)?


if yes, which?

19. Comment
Brain-dead patient